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Beginner's Drawing Class

Beginner's Drawing Class

Saturday 28 October
11 Municipal Drive Suit - 10am - 3 Hours
In this class, we will explore the basics of drawing and equip you with the skills needed to create beautiful and expressive artwork.

Our experienced instructors will guide you through the fundamentals of drawing, including perspective, proportion, shading, and composition.

We will also be practicing various forms of Mark Making techniques and hopefully will make an empty page less daunting to fill up.

Perfect for complete beginners.
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Come along to our meetups to improve your art in a relaxed and social atmosphere, and under the guidance of a professional instructor. Complete beginners to experienced artists all welcome.

Our 2 hour meetups are held in a different location each time, usually outdoors.

Bring your own materials which can be anything from pencils or pastels, to watercolour or oils.

If you are a complete beginner all you need to start are a couple of good drawing pencils, a rubber, and a drawing pad.

Who can attend? Open to all skill levels, from beginners to experienced artists. The instructor is there to help everyone.

The meeting point and full details for the day are sent in the booking confirmation email to the email address you provide at time of booking.

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Our meetups and classes are limited to a max of 12 people
Kendra Mehringer
Kendra is an adventurous imaginative. Kendra loves art museums and traveling the world. She has a sheltie (dog) named Barney and they love to hike and explore. Kendra has been creating art since she was about three years old with her grandmother, who was an artist.
Brisbane Art Group
Indianapolis Art Group
Title or Location: My Van Gogh
Painting from my imagination. Van Gogh is one of my favorite artist! Painting is done with Acrylics, my favorite medium! I am fascinated by expressionism and Impressionism. I am still experimenting with different styles! Art is my happy place! Started painting again in 2019, so still learning and loving every minute!
Credit: Sandra Toensing
Instagram: sandratoensing
Brisbane Art Group

Atlanta Art Group
Title or Location: Magua
24x30, acrylic on wood w florescent and glow in the dark paint. Panel is distressed including termite holes. Wes Studio plays Magua in Last of the Mohegans. I wanted to incorporate an antiquated look to an old story. I've always loved this image of a first nation warrior, so proud, strong, and dangerous. My 3 phase technique using florescent and glow in the dark paint gives the viewer 3 different looks with the help of a black light. And when you turn off the lights he's still there in the dark
Credit: B. Farrell Beckner
Brisbane Art Group
Indianapolis Art Group
Title or Location: Golden Path
I saw a photo someone had shared and loved the color pallette so I thought I would use the pallette and basic setup with my own style. I generally stick with smaller canvas panels so i can get them done at a decent rate, so this 8x10 took approximately 3 days of work!
Credit: Dan Freeman
Instagram: Phixshuncrafts

Miami Art Circle
Cardiff Art Group
Title or Location: Steam power.
This started off as an exercise in painting clouds on a stormy day. As the work developed my clouds looked increasingly like billowing steam so I thought I'd add a traction engine to the swirling steam. It's in acrylic on a 58 x 38cm acrylic board which is a good size to hone in on small details. I don't think there are many purple traction engines around but it seemed like a good idea at the time!
Credit: Phil Lewis
Miami Art Circle

Indianapolis Art Group
Title or Location: Abandoned
Reflecting my mood while painting this piece.
Credit: jesse may
Facebook: Jesse May
Instagram: jessemay4224
Miami Art Circle
Austin Art Group
Title or Location: Zendaya - Fierce Beauty
Zendaya - Fierce Beauty30 x 40 Oil on Canvaswww.vickiewessonart.comIn a world filled with art and color, some portraits possess an allure that transcends the canvas. As our gaze is drawn to her piercing eyes, we begin to unravel the layers of symbolism and profound meaning hidden within this captivating portrait.The subject's confident pose reminds us of the strength that lies within each of us. The interplay of light and shadow enhances her graceful features, accentuating the d
Credit: Vickie Wesson

Indianapolis Art Group
Title or Location: Smokey Mountains - Gatlinburg, TN
30x30 Acrylic on canvas Smokey Mountains - Gatlinburg, TN Reference Photograph by my son, Joe Granitto Smokey Mountains in Gatlinburg, TN has been a family favorite place to visit for many years even as our children have grown into adulthood they still visit Gatlinburg regularly. Knowing my passion for painting landscapes my adult children provide me with many beautiful photographs to paint, and with their permission. This particular painting was from a trip my son and his wife had been
Credit: Joe Granitto - Son
Facebook: Carrie Granitto
Adelaide Art Group
Title or Location: Slim
Slim Dusty has always been my most asked for Australian icon, and in fact I drew my first portrait of him for my first ever solo exhibition, Aussie Legends, in 2016, because if anyone epitomises all the best of Australia it?s Slim!
Credit: Lydia Webb-Quayle
Facebook: Lydia Webb-Quayle Art
Indianapolis Art Group
Title or Location:
This is the bird that started my journey into the world colored pencils back in March of this year. I saw this bird on vacation and something compelled me to draw him. I had taken art in high school and have never really drawn anything since. When I saw this bird I knew I needed to draw it, but how? I couldn't use white paper to draw a white bird. I had a set of Prismacolor colored pencils that I had never used. So I searched at my local hobby store and found black paper! I fell in love with
Credit: Corinne Connerton

Melbourne Art Group
Title or Location: Simply Jessie
Meet Jessie the farm dog from Sorrel, Tasmania. Jessie was found abandoned in a paddock next to her adopted parents farm. She's a Rhodesian Ridgeback x Beagle who lived until the ripe age of 13. She sadly flew to the rainbow bridge 2 years ago. She lived on a working farm for her life and was a special member of the family.I used Faber Castell Pitt and Derwent pastel pencils to complete her on Art Spectrum Colourfix original pastel paper.
Credit: Alison Jamison
Indianapolis Art Group
Title or Location: It's a watercolor painting
I've lived in Indiana most of my life and I had recently read the book Where the Crawdads Sing, by Delia Owens. The backdrop of the story is much further south but it reminded me of all the marshy spaces where I spent my time as a child in Southern Indiana and Eagle Creek Park where I visit often and have shared with my children and grandchildren. From those inspired memories this painting emerged.
Credit: Nancy Gibson
Facebook: Nancy Standifird Gibson
Philly Art Group
Title or Location: Coal Drop
Living in the city of Philadelphia, I am constantly inspired by the beauty and dignity of old, no longer needed structures from the last two centuries. They appear to me almost as dinosaurs from the ancient past that need to be preserved on canvas before they disappear. This particular beast sits on the Delaware River, just beside the former Philadelphia Electric Company site. The whole place is being renovated (thankfully not torn down), so I wanted to make sure I captured it before it gets a f
Credit: Jean Broden
Facebook: Jean Broden Art at Gallery e
Instagram: @jeanbrodenart

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